The Untold Story Of Everything Digital - Bright Boys, Revisited
pdf | 5.15 MB | English | Isbn:B07T3FFS4J |
Author: Tom Green; | PAge: 209 | Year: 2019


The Untold Story of Everything Digital: Bright Boys, Revisited celebrates the 70th anniversary (1949-2019) of the world "goingdigital" for the very first time-real-time digital computing's genesis story.

That genesis story is taken from the 2010 edition of Bright Boys: The Making of Information Technology, 1938-1958, and substantially expanded upon for this special, anniversary edition.

Please join us for the incredible adventure that is The Untold Story of Everything Digital, when a band of misfit engineers, led by MIT's Jay Forrester and Bob Everett, birthed the digital revolution. The bright boys were the first to imagine an electronic landscape of computing machines and digital networks, and the first to blaze its high-tech trails.

Category:Business & Management Technology History, Computing Industry History, Military Science History

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